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Industrial Automation MVP-3245

Industrial Automation MVP-3245

4-axis Embedded Motion Controller with 32-ch Digital I/O

  • Intel Atom E3825 1.33G dual-core
  • Encoder input is 10 MHz for 4xAB mode, 2.5 MHz for CW/CCW mode
  • Pulse output up to 5 Mpps
  • Equipped with a memory buffer (10K points) for trajectory planning
  • Supports E-Gear, and helical interpolation
  • Supports E-CAM and provides 256 points for describing CAM profiles
  • 2-axis position comparison trigger
  • 3-axis arc interpolation
  • 16-channel isolated digital input
  • 16-channel isolated digital output

Product Description

Operating Temperature
  • 0~60 °C (32~140 °F)
Storage Temperature
  • -20~85 °C (-4~185 °F)
Data Transfer Medium
  • Ethernet cable (min. CAT5), shielded
Data Transfer Rates
  • 1000 Mbps
  • 16 (Isolated), 0 (TTL)
Input Voltage
  • 24 VDC
Ethernet Speed
  • 10/100/1000 Mbps
  • 2 x RJ45, 4 x RS-232/122/485, 5 x USB
Programming Language
  • C#, C++, LabVIEW, VB.Net, BCB, VB6
Rated Voltage
  • 10~30 VDC
  • CE, FCC class A, CCC, BSMI
  • Intel® Celeron® J1900 @1.99GHz
  • 2 x RJ45, 4 x RS-232/122/485, 5 x USB, VGA x
  • 2 x 10/100/1000 Mbps
LED Indicators
  • PWR, HDD
Power Consumption
  • 24 W @ 24 VDC
Power Requirement
  • 10~30 VDC
Power Supply
  • 10~30 VDC
Video Port
  • VGA
  • 1 x VGA
Power Connector
  • 1 x 2-Pin Terminal Block
Pulse Output Type
  • Pulse/direction (1-pulse, 1-direction type), CW/CCW (2-pulse type)
Input Voltage
  • 10~30 VDC

Industrial Automation MVP32 5 is a PC-based motion controller with an Inter Celeron J1900 processor and SoftMotion technology that is intended for machine applications requiring a thin and compact platform. MVP32 5 provides a number of basic motion control functions, such as linear, circular, and torsional interpolation, T / Curve speed profiles, and functions, to meet the needs of industrial automation. EGear, ECAM, and tangential tracking are examples of advanced mobility options. SoftMotion features specific to industrial applications, such as 2D Compare Trigger, Path DO, and 3D Arc Move, are also available in MVP32 5. Furthermore, this driver supports serial communication ports as well as other network interfaces. Advantech also offers a standard library of motion APIs, graphical tools, and user-friendly examples for program load management, as well as tools to help with configuration and diagnostics.

Abid Supportindo Pratama ( ASP) has already handled a large companies in the field of installation and procurement of their industry,  we are supported by  experienced engineers who we believe will provide support and the best service for  clients and users.


Jl. Tuban 2 No. 26
Surabaya 60171
East Java - Indonesia


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